California State Rural Health Association (CSRHA)

The California State Rural Health Association (CSRHA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization that works to improve the health of rural Californians and the quality and accessibility of the heath care they receive. CSRHA brings together health care providers, consumers, educators, researchers, public health and economic development agencies and others to work on a variety of issues related to preserving and enhancing the health of rural California.

The mission of CSRHA is to link rural individuals and organizations together to facilitate information exchange, collaboration, and advocacy to promote healthy rural communities.

Functions of CSRHA

  • ADVOCACY: CSRHA works to facilitate information exchange, communication and collaboration among healthcare providers, government agencies, rural communities and other organizations. CSRHA works closely with its members, the California Legislative Rural Caucus and state and regional partner organizations to advocate for policy improvements on behalf of rural California. Advocacy opportunities are provided each year on behalf of members, providing a forum for open dialogue with elected officials and policy makers.
  • PUBLICATIONS: Policy briefs, rural fact sheets, toolkits and resource guides are produced annually by CSRHA to provide information and tools useful to rural stakeholders and policy makers.
  • EDUCATION & TRAINING: CSRHA acts as a vehicle to educate rural communities about the effects of policy, legislation and regulation on the health of rural communities. CSRHA facilitates an Annual Rural Health Conference, quarterly Regional Rural Roundtables, Webinars and various other seminars each year. Workshop topics include state and federal policy, healthcare financing issues, health information technology (HIT), best practices in rural communities and much more.

Who We Are

CSRHA is a nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors elected by membership. CSRHA strives to have board composition represent the geographic, constituent, ethnic, racial and gender diversity of rural California. CSRHA’s staff is available to answer your questions and provide information via phone or in person.

What We Do

The interests of rural people must not be lost or dismissed because of distance, geographic isolation and lack of concentrated resources. CSRHA works to improve the health of rural Californians and the quality and accessibility of the health care the receive.