Group Discussion: Creating a Culture of Safety Equality – February 18, 2014 at 9:00 am PT
Sponsored by HealthTech

As a preferred vendor of CCAHN, HealthTech is pleased to offer the following webinar for all CCAHN member hospitals:


Group Discussion: Creating a Culture of Safety Equality

Description:  This will be a collaborative discussion facilitated by Diane Bradley, Regional Chief Clinical Officer, HealthTech Management Services.  Our conversation will be about creating a culture of safety equality, starting with this question. 

“In 100 out of 100 cases where it is needed, are you absolutely sure that your most junior and inexperienced staff member, when they perceive a problem with patient care, can and will have a stop-the-line conversation with the most senior and experienced physician?  If you cannot emphatically say YES 100% of the time, what is your plan to improve and change your culture?”

If you have specific questions – or – you would like to share a best practice, please contact Diane or Carolyn by email prior to the call.


Conference Call:  Number:  1-800-591-2259.  Passcode:  106563


Please contact HealthTech’s Regional Chief Clinical Officers:
Carolyn St. Charles
360 – 584 – 9868 (office)
206 – 605 – 3748 (cell)
Diane Bradley
585-671-2212 (office)
615-934-8186 (cell)