Group Discussion: Patient Safety in the Operating Room and Other Topics – January 10, 2014 at 9:00 am PT
Sponsored by HealthTech

As a preferred vendor of CCAHN, HealthTech is pleased to offer the following webinar for all CCAHN member hospitals:

Patient Safety in the Operating Room and Other Topics


This will be a collaborative discussion facilitated by Carolyn St.Charles and Diane Bradley, Regional Chief Clinical Officers. We will start the collaborative by discussing the top Ten Patient Safety Practices for Surgical Services. Please send other topics you would like to see discussed to either Carolyn or Diane at the email listed. If you have a best practice you would like to share – please let us know that as well.


Who should participate: Individuals responsible for overseeing or managing Surgical Services.

Registration: If you would like to participate in this collaborative discussion, please send an E-Mail to Carolyn St.Charles at the e-mail listed below and we will send you the Conference call number and pass code.

Please contact HealthTech’s Regional Chief Clinical Officers:
Carolyn St. Charles
360 – 584 – 9868 (office)
206 – 605 – 3748 (cell)
Diane Bradley
585-671-2212 (office)
615-934-8186 (cell)