Webinar: Designing a Physician Compensation Plan – February 13, 2014 at 9:00 am PT
Sponsored by HealthTech

As a preferred vendor of CCAHN, HealthTech is pleased to offer the following webinar for all CCAHN member hospitals:


Webinar:  Designing a Physician Compensation Plan


As hospitals employ more and more providers, it is imperative to develop and design an equitable compensation model that fosters productivity and patient access, while providing an income stream for the physicians that mirrors a private practice environment.  This webinar will assist hospital executives in developing a mutually beneficial physician employment compensation plan.

Speaker:  Michael Lieb, Director Physician Practice Management, HealthTech Management Services (HTMS)


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You may access the audio only portion of the presentation by calling 1-866-901-6455 at the scheduled time.  The passcode is 948-164-853.  You may not be able to ask questions if you choose this option.



The power point presentation will be available for down-load by February 10 on the HTMS web site.  The password to access the presentation is clinic2.



The link to access the recording will be available approximately 2 business days after the webinar on the HTMS web site.   The password to access the link is clinic2.


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